The November presidential election is just around the corner. Though I am unable to vote, I encourage others to vote in this critical election. Voting is a basic right, a civic duty, and a responsibility as citizens in this country — and we should not take it for granted.

You should vote because there are millions of undocumented immigrants like me who want to vote but are unable to do so because of their immigration status.

You should vote because your voice matters. If you do not vote, interest groups and lobbyists could take advantage of the policymaking process to benefit their own interests.

You should vote because you can hold elected officials accountable as responsible representatives, as they were elected to be.

You should vote because people fought, and died for, the right to vote in this country.

You should vote because there are many countries where people are still fighting and sacrificing their lives to have that right.

Your vote matters, your vote counts, your vote can change a person’s life.
"Vote, Because I Can’t" - Ju Hong, Hyphen Magazine

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